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The New Workout Mindset - Function & Longevity

Experts have noticed a recent trend in exercise – a shift in mindset when it comes to “working out” – and we’ve gotta say we couldn’t agree more!

exercise is shifting!

People are now focused on “function and longevity”.

As longevity becomes a primary health focus, more and more people are opting for movement that advances their function and better protects them against injury. A type of low impact, strength training that prepares the body for day-to-day activities and keeps you healthy longer!

Here’s where the uptick in Pilates participation comes in!

Unlike treadmills, stationary bikes and certain gym equipment (which often encourage repetitive singular motions) Pilates involves working multiple muscle groups. This is done through various movements, at a low intensity, with or without equipment. Not only are you building your strength – you are also increasing your flexibility.

Functional fitness and low-impact exercises like Pilates are “particularly important” for people 40 and older because as you’re well aware, this is the age muscle mass and function can start to decline. That’s why it was so important for us to incorporate Pilates into our practice – the benefits it provides for our clients are unmatched.

Keep Reading To See Why You Should Choose Us For Pilates

  • Our Pilates instructors are also physical therapists
  • Because our instructors are also clinicians, they are comfortable helping people with various conditions and understand the special considerations needed to prevent further injury
  • Get individual feedback with each session: on your form and ways you can modify the movements to maximize your benefit and comfort
  • When you join a group reformer class, you will be one of only four people meaning the instructor will always keep an eye out for you and correct your form quickly when needed
  • Conveniently located in the heart of Metairie offering morning, midday, and evening classes
  • We specialize in working with our 40+ community stay healthy, active, and mobile

Let’s connect!

Call us today at (504) 407-3477 if you’re interested in getting started – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and get you on your way to Function and Longevity!

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