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Are You Suffering From Knee Pain In Metairie, Louisiana?

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Here at Tandem Physical Therapy, we help a lot of people with knee pain, which occurs mostly due to degenerative changes like osteoarthritis, or wear and tear to the meniscus, which is the cartilage between the femur and the tibia.   

Sadly, we see a lot of patients that have been suffering for quite some time who might have opted for a series of injections or possibly even surgery before we have had the opportunity to help them. Therefore, by the time they get to us, they’re usually a lot of pain.  

They’re having trouble walking or walking with a limp, having issues with going up and down stairs, or even just getting up or down in general and struggling to initiate simple movements. This is a very tough position for people to be in because knee pain causes so many mobility impairments.

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We are always surprised when working with somebody for the first time and are told by them that their doctors never recommended physical therapy before, which is probably a reason that we see a lot of surgeries that could have been avoided.   

People are also often misguided when it comes to solving knee pain. Usually, they see an orthopedic surgeon before they seek out the help of a physical therapist, and they’re often promised that a simple surgery to clean up the knee or wear and tear will give them immediate pain relief, or they’ll get back to walking the same day, or even be able to resume all of their normal activities.   

What they’re not told is that there is no guarantee for that outcome. A lot of these surgeries are actually even putting people on the fast track to a knee replacement.

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So how does physical therapy help?   

Ultimately, what we do at Tandem Physical Therapy is we help you regain your mobility and maximize your strength so that you can do things like walk better or walk longer, or take the stairs if you want.  

With our help, you have the opportunity to be more active and do more of what you want to do, such take trips or go on vacation, and feel unburdened by your knee pain.   

We’re thrilled to say that we have helped hundreds of people around the Metairie and New Orleans area who’ve been suffering with either acute or chronic knee pain overcome these situations. What’s even better is that they’re now equipped with the tools to help manage these kinds of problems and continue to make progress, something that Tandem Physical Therapy is proud to be a part of.

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** Note: there is no treatment given at one of our discovery sessions. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

There was a gentleman who came to us with knee pain that was stopping him from playing tennis. Every time he tried to play tennis and lift weights, his knee was hurting.   

He was a retired guy in his 60s, super active, very fit and healthy, and love to play tennis, which involved a lot of running around on the court. But he couldn’t do it anymore. Every time he tried, his knee would buckle and give out, it would swell, and it would cause him a lot of pain.   

He already tried to do bracing, and he wasn’t a big fan of taking pills, so neither of these were suitable for him. He went to the doctor who also confirmed he had some wear and tear and arthritis. He was on the fence about whether or not surgery would be a possible solution for him, although that was the last possible resort; therefore, the orthopedist agreed that he could continue with physical therapy.  

He came to Tandem Physical Therapy in hopes that we would be able to help him get back on the tennis court. After a few weeks of working together, we were getting things moving and the stiff joints loosened up.   

After about eight weeks, we got him back to the point where he was able to do some hopping, jumping, and moving in different directions, and before long he was back on the tennis court.   

Now, he’s doing phenomenally and playing tennis multiple times a week, exercising, working out and doing really well without having any limitations in his knee.

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