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"The Early Warning Signs Of Low Back Pain"

“I wish I would have taken care of this sooner.”

Boy, do I hear that often! It usually comes from a patient who has been struggling with back pain for years prior to ever meeting me.

It starts off on a smaller scale, with a little ache or stiffness doing too much yard work or lifting. Then they start to notice they are avoiding prolonged standing or long walks…things they never thought twice about. However, it inevitably progresses to missing out on those neighborhood walks they look forward to and even worrying if they will be able to keep up on their upcoming family vacation.

I started working with a lady recently who had been suffering with ongoing back pain for years which had really started to worsen over the past few months. By the time I saw her, she wasn’t even able to walk through the grocery store without excruciating pain. In fact, each time she went to the grocery store she had to spend the rest of the day in the recliner on heat waiting for her last dose of ibuprofen to kick in. Last week she told me, “If I had known it was going to be like this, I would have started coming here so much sooner!”. She is already feeling better and having less pain….and it’s only her third visit!

I have worked with people with varying degrees of back pain and the case is always the same – THE SOONER, THE BETTER! Don’t waste any more time just “dealing with it” when you can get this problem fixed! The longer you wait, the worse your condition will become – costing you more time, more money and more missing out!

The great news is that it is easier than ever to get the help you are looking for! Take a look at our current offers and figure out which one works best for you!

  1. Request a copy of our Back Pain Bulletin. This bulletin is loaded with articles all about back pain with our best “DIY” tips and advice.
  2. Request a free Back Pain Discovery Visit. Get one-on-one with one of our doctors to ask questions about your individual back pain concerns. This free 30-minute visit is perfect for people who know they need to do something about their back problems, but just don’t know where to start!
  3. Come to our free Back Pain Workshop! Our next workshop is all about BACK PAIN – what causes it and what can be done to fix it. It’s happening next month on Saturday, October 23 from 9:30-10:30 a.m. Space is limited so don’t delay on reserving your spot!

To take advantage of these great offers, give us a call today at (504) 407-3477 or send us an email at info@tandempt.com. We want to hear all about the problems and concerns this back pain is causing you… I think you will find a lot comfort in not only being listened to, but in hearing how we’d personally like to help you!

Aren’t having any back pain? Please pass this information along to your family and friends. We would love to have the honor of helping out your loved ones and get them pain free as well!

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