Tandem Physical Therapy

Our Very First Patient

Seeing as to how we turn 3 this month, I thought it would be fun to tell you the story of our very first patient. It’s a good story and spoiler alert – it has a happy ending! I’d like to mention that you are ALL beautiful, amazing people and maybe next year we’ll write a story about you! 😉 Afterall, YOU are the best part about our job. You brighten our day, make us laugh and give us something to go home and tell our partners about, so THANK YOU!

It was three years ago when our very first patient walked through the doors. Her hair was short, curly and silver and she had curious eyes that darted around from behind her glasses. She was accompanied by her husband who had a very nurturing, soft demeanor and had received one of our postcards in the mail. I remember the four of us sat down together in our lobby drinking water from plastic parade cups and started talking about her previous experiences with physical therapy. At that moment it became quite apparent that this entire visit had been orchestrated by her husband. He was encouraging her to keep looking for a place that could help her get relief from the chronic sciatica she suffered with.

See, the problem wasn’t a lack of options – she’d tried physical therapy before but never stuck with it. The people weren’t rude or mean, but the clinics were busy, full of gym equipment and she was shuffled in with a handful of other people at the same time, never getting the personal attention and care she required. Eventually, she would just stop going and her problem continued. This was a big concern because the couple owned a condo in Gulf Shores and wanted to continue traveling, but she could barely make it down to the boardwalk before her leg pain got severe.

After a short tour around the clinic, she decided to schedule an appointment and 6 weeks later she hadn’t missed a single session and was finally able to enjoy a sunset stroll along the Alabama coastline with her husband. The best part is she still comes back to see us for occasional tune-ups in between her trips to Texas and Alabama. It’s the best feeling knowing we have a space where she feels comfortable and confident to come back to.

I could tell you 50 other stories identical to this one and that’s what warms our hearts and drives us forward! We want to extend a very sincere THANK YOU for all your support over these last 3 years. Thank you for trusting us, allowing us to help you work through some very difficult times and recommending us to your family & friends. It’s our privilege to continue serving you and our beautiful city!

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