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Is A Wellness Session Right For Me?

Are you curious about our wellness program? Want to know if it’s right for you? Maybe you’ve had PT in the past and don’t think you need a series of treatment sessions again, but things aren’t as great as they were on your last day of PT? Or maybe you are doing wonderful and want to make sure you keep it that way! If you are curious which track is right for you, check out our top 3 reasons people schedule wellness sessions.

#1 – Accountability. We are all human. I am blessed to have very dedicated patients who complete their home exercises and do exactly what they need in order to get back to the active life they love. They are even compliant with their home exercises in the first few weeks after they are discharged. However, around 6-8 weeks after they wrap up PT, they are feeling great and their pain is a distant memory. Life starts to get busy and they skip a day on their exercise program. One day turns into 2, 2 turns into 5, and before you know it, they have stopped keeping up with their exercise program all together. By 3 months, things are starting to slide backward and their pain is starting to show up again.

Wellness sessions are an awesome way to stay accountable to your exercises. I recommend scheduling them about 6-8 weeks after discharge to reassess how things have been since your last session, see if you have been able to maintain (or improve) your results, and make any tweaks to your home program to stay on track!

#2 – Keep Flare Ups at Bay. This pertains to people who have had this pain a few times before and have likely had episodes of this pain (usually neck or back pain) on and off for years. You go through periods where it feels better and it will be good for some months and then it comes back again. Wellness sessions are great to periodically have to keep these flare ups from happening and keep you on track to have longer stretches of feeling good and fewer episodes of pain.

#3 – Take you to the Next Level. I will have patients that are doing great and want to be even more active but are nervous about re-injuring themselves in the process. A perfect example of this is a wellness session I had last week. This is a previous client of mine who was experiencing knee pain. At the time of her physical therapy, she was having pain everyday with activities such as standing up, walking and going up stairs. By the time she was discharged, she was able to do all of her daily activities without any pain! 3 months after discharge, she was feeling great and wanted to start a running program. She was nervous to do so and have her knee hurt again, so we met up last week for a wellness session and she left with an updated exercise program and insight on how to safely start her jogging program that would help limit her chance for re-injury!

If you are curious if a wellness visit is right for you, give us a call at 504-407-3477 or email us at info@tandempt.com.

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