Tandem Physical Therapy

"I Hate Doing These Exercises"

This was the sentiment being expressed (and accompanied by an eye roll) by one of our favorite and most regular clients, as she sat next to me asking when she could book her next class.

“I know” I responded with a smirk. Janelle (we’ll call her for the sake of privacy) has a great sense of humor and was being completely honest with me. She also has no idea she’s the protagonist in this month’s article. 🙂

See, Janelle is the creative type…she writes poetry and plays…she’s never been one for exercise, unlike her sister who is a retired P.E. teacher. (know who you are yet? ;-))

Our worlds collided a few years ago when she was referred by her doctor – she knew we could help with the trouble she was having while walking. Janelle was having difficulty picking her leg up enough to clear all the stumps, roots and cracks in the sidewalks around her home. She and her doctor were worried about a potentially devastating fall, and the thought of not being able to walk her sweet dog just didn’t sit well, so she agreed to give us a try.

We worked together for several months, identifying the cause of her walking impairments and then executing our plan a couple days each week. Before long, she was back to her normal daily walks AND picked up on a new habit – daily exercise (30 minutes to be exact) – her most recent complaint! Now remember, Janelle “hates exercise”. But when her physical therapy finished, she decided on her own to invest in quarterly Tune-Ups and now attends bi-weekly Balance Classes.

Like MANY of our clients, Janelle “hates exercise”, but LOVES what it allows her to do. The value we get from exercise is different for everyone, but it often comes in the form of “greater independence”, “not having to rely on medications”, “improved self-worth”, “the freedom to travel without being a burden”, “maintaining a youthful appearance at social engagements”, or “avoiding a potentially unnecessary surgery” to name a few.

Janelle has chosen a path of wellness that prioritizes her balance and mobility. Yours may be different. It could be that you have a very stressful professional life and need strategies to manage that, like regular massage. Or perhaps you want an all-in-one approach to strengthening your body so you can be involved with your kids or grandkids – so you take up Pilates.

Loving the “THING” (Pilates, Tune-Ups, Massage, Balance Class, etc.) is a BONUS. Remembering WHY you’re doing it and giving it your all in the moment is where the real reward is.

What’s YOUR path, and can we help you walk it? Give us a call at 504-407-3477…we’d love to hear all about it!

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