Tandem Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an “evaluation” and why do I need one?

This will be the first appointment you have with your physical therapist. Consider this appointment to be a “diagnostic” much like when you take your car to the shop. During this time your therapist will perform a detailed examination to identify the root cause of your pain and dysfunction. At the conclusion of your examination your therapist will explain what is going wrong and what needs to happen to fix it. Your therapist will recommend a plan of care including how often and how long you will need to come to therapy in order to reach your desired outcome.

For you to receive the best possible results, we need to understand your specific problem very well. Your initial evaluation gives us a comprehensive look into your condition and how we need to treat it effectively. At Tandem PT, we believe it is also important for you as a patient to understand the problem and your physical therapy diagnosis. This session will lay the foundation for your future treatments. We realize this is a lot of information and that is why we spend one full hour consulting with you about the best solution possible.


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What will I need to wear?


We recommend wearing something loose-fitting and comfortable. Your physical therapist will likely want to access the body part or area being treated to perform an accurate and thorough examination. We respect your privacy and that is why all examinations are performed in a private treatment room.



Do I need to arrive early and what should I bring?

We’re glad you asked 🙂 We ask that you arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time if you have not already completed the required registration forms. If you are coming from work and need to change clothes, please let the receptionist know when you check in and she will show you to the changing room.

Please bring your registration forms, your photo ID and your insurance card, if applicable.



How long will it take?

Plan on spending approximately one hour with your physical therapist on your first day. After that, treatment times may vary depending on your specific condition, but on average last about an hour . Enjoy free Wi-Fi, complimentary beverages, and good company if you are waiting on a family member.



Will I have to do exercises at home?


Yes! Following your evaluation, your PT will give you some work to do at home. The work you put in outside of your therapy appointments is instrumental in your recovery. While coming to treatment for 2-3 hours a week is important, it’s what you do during the other 165-166 hours in the week that will ultimately determine the long term effectiveness of your treatment. Your home exercises will help improve carryover between treatments and will be progressed or changed as your body begins to adapt to these challenges.



Do I need a prescription from a doctor?

No. A doctor’s prescription is not required in Louisiana to receive physical therapy treatment. However, some insurance providers still require it. To find out more about whether or not your insurance provider requires a prescription, it’s best to give them a call. If your insurance in one of the few that require a prescription, this can come from someone licensed to practice medicine, surgery, dentistry, chiropractic or podiatry.

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