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"Are you Having Trouble Getting Comfortable at Night?"

Have You Tried LOADS OF PILLOWS, But Can’t Seem To Find The Right Fit?”

People are always asking us what pillow we recommend…

And up until now, we’ve never been able to endorse any specific brand, but after hearing so many positive reviews for “Pillowise”, we had to try out it out for ourselves! To make a long story short, we loved the pillows so much that we’re using them in our daily practice, at home, and have them available for purchase if you love them as much as we do! 🙂

Each pillow is designed with the highest quality materials including natural Tencel to help with temperature and moisture control along with memory foam for excellent pressure distribution. The pillows are soft, but supportive so your head doesn’t flatten out the pillow, and your neck is always supported whether you’re a back, side, or even stomach sleeper.

Pillowise was founded in 2013 by a Dutch physiotherapist who wanted to help his patients get a better night’s sleep. As a physiotherapist, he understood that everyone has a unique body shape, but he was finding that most pillows were one-size-fits-all. So, together with United Comfort Specialists he launched his line of custom-fit pillows. Their special algorithm measures points around your neck and shoulders and takes into account your preferred sleeping position to then recommend your perfect pillow size.

Getting measured for your perfect pillow is easy!

Step 1: Ask your therapist to get fitted for a pillow.

Step 2: Spend 10 minutes getting measured and fitted for your pillow (yes, you get to lay on it).

Step 3: Leave with your perfect pillow.

Get your custom pillow for ONLY $149 which includes a 5-year warranty AND a “30-Day Comfort Guarantee” meaning if you don’t love it, bring it back within 30 days for a full refund.

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