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8 Reasons To Take Up Pilates

If you’re sitting on the fence and need more reasons to get started with Pilates, just keep reading! 🙂

1. Build up your core strength.

Although Pilates works your entire body, one of the main areas it focuses on is improving the strength of your core.

2. Improve your posture.

By lengthening the spine and offering your body better support, your posture will naturally start to improve. Pilates is great at targeting areas that open the chest, strengthen the back and promote better spinal posture.

3. Transition from rehab successfully.

If you are transitioning from PT and hoping to resume your active lifestyle successfully, free of injury – Pilates could be the perfect move for you! All our Pilates classes are instructed by our team of therapists who know all about working with people who have been injured and how to offer modifications to make the exercise safe and effective!

4. Low impact strength training

Reformer Pilates is great for the gentle, low impact resistance (or assistance) it provides to movement. This allows you to get stronger and more flexible while placing a healthy load through your joints.

5. More energy and stamina throughout your day.

When you are active and get your body moving, it releases endorphins that give you more energy and stamina to make it through your day!

6. Better balance and stability while walking.

Not only does Pilates target your core muscles, it also helps promote better proprioception – which is our body’s sense of how we are moving through space. You get constant feedback through your feet and extremities to offer better stability and steadiness while walking and performing day to day activities.

7. Enhanced mobility throughout all your joints.

We talk a lot about core strength in Pilates, but it’s also a great method of stretching! The springs underneath the reformer can be used to offer assisted movements/ stretching as well. This makes it easier to stretch areas of your body you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

8. Improved blood flow and circulation.

We all know the benefits of exercise and Pilates is no different. Through regular movement and strengthening, you are promoting better circulation throughout your body making your blood vessels and cardiovascular system much healthier!

There you have it – 8 more reasons (off the top of our head) to get involved in Pilates! 🙂

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