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What Are You Doing For Your Heart Health?

This month has come with it’s fair share on the calendar…Mardi Gras, Valentine’s, a Superbowl just to name a few, but there’s one we haven’t highlighted yet!

Did you know that February is also AMERICAN HEART ❤️ MONTH?? It’s a time when all people—especially women—are encouraged to focus on their cardiovascular health.

We can help!
✔️ Regular movement and activity
✔️ Lowering stress and blood pressure

These are just 2 BIG ways you can take care of your heart health right here during your time with Tandem! 💚

You can join a Pilates class OR take a Private Pilates lesson, participate in our Stretch class or maybe Bones & Balance! 💁‍♀️ We also offer Therapeutic Massage here in house, which DEFINITELY helps lower stress and blood pressure!

And lets not forget about all the laughs and smiles we share…that helps with the stress too ya know! 😉

Give us a call at 504-407-3477 to get started on your heart health with us right away!

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