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Is a Wellness Session Right for Me?

Are you curious about our wellness program? Want to know if it is right for you? Maybe you have had PT in the past and don’t think you need a series of treatments sessions again, but things aren’t as great as they were on your last day of PT? Or maybe you are doing wonderful but are stuck and are looking to get even better? If you are curious on if it is right for you, check out our top 3 reasons people schedule wellness sessions.

#1 – Accountability. This is probably the biggest reason people chose to utilize our wellness visits. Typically, patients come and see us because a pain is causing them from participating in their favorite activities or has become such a problem, daily life tasks have become difficult and painful. We start our treatment plan and motivation is very high. They want to do everything possible to get back to their life unrestricted from aches and pains. Once the pain starts to fade away, the motivation to continue to complete your home exercises starts to fade as well. However, if we stop doing the thing that made us feel better, it is likely the pain will return.

Wellness sessions are an awesome way to stay accountable to your exercises and ensure none of your old symptoms are creeping back in.

#2 – Keep Flare Ups at Bay. This pertains to people who have had this pain a few times before and you have likely had episodes of this pain (usually neck or back pain) on and off for years. You go through periods where it feels better and it will be good for months and then it comes back again.

In these cases, we find wellness session essential for avoiding periodic episodes of pain and aggravation. You can think of it like getting your car maintenance. If we don’t put the time and energy into taking care of our vehicle, we will eventually end up on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Don’t wait until your pain returns to get help. Make sure you are giving it the care it needs when it feels good to put yourself in the best position possible to prevent it from causing you a headache in future.

#3 – Take You to the Next Level. I will have patients that are doing great and want to be even more active but are nervous about re-injuring themselves in the process. A perfect example of this is a wellness session I had last week. This is a previous client of mine who has a history of chronic back pain. He is doing great right now and not having any pain limit his ability to enjoy life and interact with his family. He recently started a new exercise routine but was concerned that his exercises may accidently irritate his back condition. He also wanted to ensure the exercises he was performing was effective and comprehensive.

We spent our session going over his routine, making modifications, looking for areas that could cause potential injury, eliminating some potentially risky exercises, and adding some exercises for the muscle groups that were missing. He is now in a much better position for continuing his wellness goals without as large of a risk for hurting his back further.

If you are curious on if a wellness visit is right for you, give us a call at 504-407-3477 or email us at info@tandempt.com.

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