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A Natural & Effective Healing Approach For Shoulder Arthritis

Arthritis (particularly osteoarthritis) is a condition where the cartilage that protects the bones in your joints wears away. This results in a decrease in the space between the bones which creates more friction during movement. Following this degeneration in cartilage and decrease in space, an inflammatory response will occur in the joint – this is arthritis.

We don’t always feel when arthritis is present in a joint, but when we do, it may feel like pain, stiffness and swelling. Symptoms may vary from person to person and from situation to situation, but a common result is that activities that used to be easy and pain free become difficult to perform. If this sounds familiar, you may be thinking “Okay, I understand WHY I’m having the pain but WHAT can I do about it?” Well, if you are like most of our clients, you are looking for a conservative approach – an approach that doesn’t involve surgery; an approach that will allow you to make it through your day with less reliance on pain medication; an approach that will get you back to your favorite physical activities, like playing pickleball or picking up your grandkids.

Good news is there is an approach that incorporates all 3 of these things – PHYSICAL THERAPY! Physical therapy for shoulder osteoarthritis is a great treatment approach and is aimed at decreasing your pain while increasing your movement. Now, you may be thinking “You want me to move my arm! But that’s what makes it hurt.” However, not moving your shoulder may be contributing to the pain that you are already having. This is due to the fact that we have fluid in our joints that help decrease the friction between the bones during movement. So, when we move a joint, that fluid circulates, but if you are not moving the joint that fluid can’t circulate as efficiently.

Your physical therapist will help move your shoulder to improve the lubrication in your joint. This will make movement in the future feel less painful and easier to perform. Physical therapy will also help to build your strength in a way that is gradual, beneficial, and specific to your long term goals. Another benefit of physical therapy is it connects you to a professional who can discuss activity modifications you can make throughout the day to make daily tasks more tolerable and maybe even pain free.

It’s important to note that physical therapy will not reverse arthritis, but it can help to slow the progression. So take the initiative today to contact your friends at Tandem Physical Therapy and start your journey sooner rather than later! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get back to the activities you love! Call us at 504-407-3477.

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