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7 Reasons Women Should Take Up Pilates After 40

With so many fitness trends and fads out there, it’s hard to narrow in on what type of exercise your body needs to thrive. Identifying the best path starts with better understanding some of the physiologic changes the female body experiences after forty.

1. Physiologic Weakening

It is a known fact that after the fourth decade our bodies begin to naturally weaken. This process, known as sarcopenia, affects the ability of our skeletal muscles to contract and accelerates with age. We start to feel the effects of this in our forties and the uphill battle against muscle atrophy begins. Pilates has been a preferred method for building core strength for decades.

2. Post-partum Weakness

If you were busy having kids in your thirties, you get a double whammy in your forties. Not only were your abdominal and pelvic muscles completely stretched to their limits, but you were also probably so busy being a new mom you never properly addressed the residual weakness from having kids. While post-partum weakness is very common, it can lead to various health problems like lower back pain and bladder leakage.

3. Time Efficiency

Pilates is an amazing total body fitness option. It’s a one-stop-shop for muscle toning, better mobility/ flexibility, and a stronger body and general. This means you don’t have to spend hours at the gym or hauling tail to 50 different classes. You can check all your fitness boxes with Pilates!

4. Low Impact Fitness

The low impact nature of Pilates makes it great for the health of your bones and joints. Depending on whether you want to take on mat or reformer Pilates, you will be using your own body weight or springs for resistance. This allows you to get a great strength workout while keeping your joints comfortable and protected.

5. Resilience To Injury

When you choose to build strength and mobility through Pilates, you are also beefing up your body to be resilient against future injuries. The better shape you are in, the less chance you have to injure yourself and the faster you will bounce back if something does happen.

6. Preservation And Enhancement Of Balance

A strong center is key to maintaining and improving your balance. During your Pilates sessions, the nerve endings in your hands and feet are constantly sending signals to your brain to help enhance your sensory experience. At the same time, you are strengthening your legs and core so if you ever do lose your balance temporarily, you can quickly recover to prevent a would-be fall.

7. Appearance Of Posture

As you now know, after 40 we all succumb to age-related weakness and that Pilates is a total-body fitness option that not only builds strength but stretches you too. To prevent the appearance of a rounded back and hanging head, you need both components (strength and flexibility). You need adequate flexibility of the chest, strength of your back muscles and control of your pelvis to prevent postural abnormalities.

How To Get Started With Pilates

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Keep Reading To See Why You Should Choose Us For Pilates

  • Our Pilates instructors are also physical therapists

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  • Get individual feedback with each session on your form and ways you can modify the movements to maximize your benefit and comfort
  • When you join a group reformer class, you will be one of only four people meaning the instructor will always keep an eye out for you and correct your form quickly when needed

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  • We specialize in working with our 40+ community stay healthy, active, and mobile

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