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5 Tips To Help You Stay Active This Summer

The temperature is rising and with summer officially beginning on June 21st, we will be experiencing these hot days for the next couple of months. As such, we would like to encourage everyone to stay active even when it is hot, but to do it SAFELY!

For those of you with a heart condition, keep in mind the heart has to work harder in hotter temperatures. This means it does not take much to elevate your blood pressure. Use the tips below to help manage your heart health and still stay active this Summer!

  1. If you plan on spending time outdoors, be sure to prepare for the sun. By wearing hats, sunglasses, light sun shirts, and sunscreen, you can help protect your skin and eyes from sunburn and UV damage. Also, seek shade when it is available to keep cool and prevent heat related illnesses.
  2. With the hot temperatures, sweating is inevitable. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids to help prevent dehydration. Water is a great option; but if you plan on doing more strenuous activities or will be doing an activity for an extended period, consider drinking a sports drink to replenish electrolytes.
  3. Another tip is to time your outdoor activities wisely. Try to plan activities for early in the morning, ideally before 10am, or in the late afternoon, ideally after 5pm. By structuring your activities this way, you will avoid the hottest and sunniest times of the day.
  4. Everyone should also know the signs of when your body has had too much sun and heat. A couple key signs to look for include muscle cramps, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, hot/red skin, headaches, and confusion. The CDC has released a great chart that describes different signs and symptoms to watch for and lets you know what level of heat related illness you may be experiencing and the steps you should take to help improve the condition. Click this link to check it out! https://www.cdc.gov/disasters/extremeheat/warning.html
  5. And last but not least, don’t be afraid to find indoor or water activities. Gyms, pools, recreation and shopping centers are a great way to move your activities and workouts into a cool setting. The summer temperatures may also be a great motivation to start a new fitness routine. Some popular indoor exercise classes in the Metairie area include yoga, boxing, jazzercise, and even Pilates here at Tandem!

Get more information on our indoor group fitness options by sending your inquiry to info@tandempt.com with “Info on group classes” in your subject line!

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